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Most of the links we include will be horse-related, but we might throw in a few others to keep things interesting.


Boulder County Fairgrounds

Boulder County Horse Assoc.
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado Horse Council
Colorado State University Extention Office 

     (Information on agriculture, plants and gardening, small acreage management, weed

     identification, 4-H and more.)
Jefferson County Horse Council
Pony Of the Americas Club, Inc.  (National POA Club)
Pony Of the Americas Facebook page

Utah POA Club

                And More "Lynx"...

Near Mount Democrat, between Fairplay and Breckenridge, Colo.

Funny photo...

Colorado POA Newsletters

If you'd like to catch up on the Colorado POA news, here are links to some of our newsletters.

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Colorado scenery

Colorado Pony Of the Americas Club

POA Foal Coloring Contest

We're having only one foal this year in the Colorado Club. But we're still having our annual Coloring Contest to see which youth and adult come closest to predicting the color, coat pattern, and sex of this year's foal. Information about the sire and dam is on the coloring page.

When we see the color of the foal after he or she is born, we'll award prizes to one youth and one adult winner. So enter the contest and have fun with this! In past years, we've had entries with rainbow-colored foals, pink and purple foals, and other festive colors. Your coloring skills will not be graded, so you don't need to stay inside the lines.

Contest entries are due May 1.

To download the Coloring Contest info, click here: 2017 Coloring Contest