Colorado Pony Of the Americas Club

About POAs / The History of the Breed

POAs compete well and often win against other breeds at national events such as the Color Breed Congress. But POAs provide something for everyone, and many POA owners enjoy riding at Pony Club, 4-H, and local shows, too.

Many young riders have started on POAs and improved their horsemanship skills. Later, they might show in 19 & over classes, become trainers or POA breeders, and watch their own kids grow up riding POAs. The focus remains on youth, but there are programs for all ages to participate in.

If you have a horse that you think might be a POA, please contact our club. We have qualified national inspectors who would be happy to take a look and see if your horse can be registered as a POA.

The national POA club was founded in 1954 in Iowa, and the first registered POA was a leopard-colored stallion from the cross of an Appaloosa and a Shetland. The POA breed was born. With the addition of top Appaloosa and Quarter Horse bloodlines over the years, POAs today have the look of a small horse.

POAs are very versatile, with the patience for rail events, costume, and trail, as well as the speed for reining, jumping, and games. Our shows are uniquely family oriented: children and teens up to age 18 compete in all English and Western events, trail, games, and more; adults compete in halter, in-hand trail, longe line, and some 19 & over classes; and parents help their 6-year-old and younger kids show in leadline classes.