Colorado POA Club

Coloring Contest


In anticipation of the arrival of this year's foals, we thought it might be fun to have a coloring contest and see which youth and adult come closest to predicting the color, coat pattern, and sex of the new foals. You may try to guess one or all of the foals. Information about the sire and dam of each foal is on the coloring pages.

The deadline to send in your entry is May 1, 2016.

When we see the colors of the foals after they're born,
we'll award prizes to one youth and one adult winner.
So enter the contest and have fun with it!!! 
In past years we've had entries with rainbow-colored foals,
pink and purple foals, and other festive colors.
And your coloring skills will not be graded,
so you don't need to stay inside the lines.

Send your coloring contest pages to:
Janette Arends
23743 I-76 Access Road
Hudson, CO 80642

To download the coloring contest pages, click below.

2016 Coloring Contest


These foals are not this year's babies, but they're full brother and sister,
so contest entrants are in for a challenge.

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